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Golden Creek Residential Care 

a leading provider of residential memory care services.

About Golden Creek Residential Care

We exist to provide care done so well that our families can sleep soundly knowing we are taking care of their loved ones.  We also exist to provide our care team with the best experience of their professional careers.  We treat our employees well and they treat our families well.

We are passionate about serving seniors suffering from memory care issues. It's part of the DNA of everyone we hire. It is what drives us to stay in front of the latest research. Our thirst for knowledge and improving in every area has resulted in major innovations in care approach, nutrition, and even how we train (which includes daily mentoring and coaching).


Frankly, what we do is help our families live their lives more abundantly.

Many business owners frame the first dollar they earned in their business. For us, it was the first unsolicited testimony from a resident's daughter.  She was visiting her mom after a two-week vacation in Hawaii and made this statement:

"We were able to go on vacation and sleep soundly and guilt-free knowing mom was in your care! We've never felt it safe enough to leave mom in anyone else's care. You are a Godsend."

We will always remember that moment.  We love her mom and are blessed to provide the best care she has ever received.

Golden Creek Residential Care opened for business on February 23, 2018.  Today, we are recognized as top in our class by every medical professional, social worker, and industry professional that visits.

Industry Professionals

We have met other assisted living business owners, medical professionals, professors of gerontology, counselors, radio show hosts on caregiving, dementia experts, and many others across the nation and locally who share our vision of helping families navigate this phase of their life gracefully.  We enjoy meeting them and look for opportunities to help them and to learn from them.  We have met owners in the area that we trust as well which brings us hope.


This is more than a business for us. It is a mission. Let's work together to help as many as well can!

Contact us if you have any questions. We can help!

Clint Carter & Melissa Carter, RN

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