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  • Clint Carter

A Recruiting "Aha" Moment

I was listening to a fantastic PODCast by Robert Glazer called Elevate on a long drive this weekend (as I headed out of town to take my daughter to a softball prospect camp).

While listening, I heard this quote and I had to stop and write it down immediately.

Michigan’s softball coach, Carol Hutchins has more NCAA career wins (1,500) than any other coach, male or female, in any sport in the university’s storied history.

In a speech she gave, Hutchins put it this way:

“If I lose a recruit, she might beat me twice a year. If I make a mistake on a recruit, she beats me every day.”

Coach Hutchins keenly understands that getting the wrong recruit is far more damaging to her team than passing on an all-star.

We certainly felt the impact of making the wrong "gut feel" hire in the beginning of our business. Our hiring practices have changed considerably. We look for people who align with our core values and we do not rush to fill a position. One of our core values is not rushing a hire to fit a need (Quality).

I will say this...

I love our care team.

They are awesome.

They make me proud.

They make a difference.

They inspire me.

Being on our team is more than just being a kind and compassionate person. Those are pre-requisites. It's about a desire to constantly learn, work as a team, trust everyone including the owners, anticipate needs, and communicate effectively. It takes dedication to our residents and our team, continuous learning, ownership, and the ability to fail forward. Our team is constantly growing those skills every single day.

How was the softball camp?

PS. My daughter had a pretty bad 8 hour camp. Then she had a 4 hour drive home...plenty of time to reflect. She took ownership of the issues pointed out by the college coaches. Then she asked for help from her coach and worked on fixing those issues during a 5 hour practice the next day! THEN we headed to another 8 hour camp the following day where she absolutely killed it (did good) thanks to the dedication she had to improve. That's called failure recovery folks. It's probably one of the most important skills you can learn in life - and something we value highly here at Golden Creek.

Oh, that failure at the first camp? Those coaches are still interested. They wanted to see how she took criticism and how she handled failure. She is too young to hire! Dangit!

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