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“I have been a nurse for over 30 years, and I know good care when I see it.  When my mother needed close supervision to ensure her safety and manage her medical conditions, Golden Creek was the only place I trusted. There is no better care than GC in this entire world!!”

Susan W, Daughter & Registered Nurse 30 years


"Here's my heartfelt message for y'all.  ❤


We can't thank you and your staff enough for taking such great and loving care of our mom. The warm homey atmosphere, healthy food, and specialized dementia training have made a huge difference in her quality of life.  It has been such a relief not having to worry if she is getting the medical care and attention she needs.  You have been a Godsend and we feel that it's been a privilege to have our mom in your care."

Kayla M.


"Mom was changing, she was forgetful, confused, and not herself. She would get lost and couldn't seem to do the things she had always done. My sister and I thought maybe she would do well in assisted living since she had just lost her husband, so we moved her into a community. It just got worse when she was diagnosed with Dementia and Alzheimer's. My sister became her caregiver and took great care of her until Mom needed more. We struggled to find just the right place for her - our experiences were not very good. We found a place we felt would work but soon we saw a great turnover of personnel. Every time we went to see her, she would be sedated and sitting in a chair. Their diet ran her AC1 to prediabetic numbers. Once again we were on the hunt for a new home for Mom. Then, God intervened - we were led to Golden Creek by a friend. My sister and I meet with them viewed the home and it was amazing! My Mom has had a 180 turn around. She has lost 50 lbs thanks to their healthy and great tasting nutrition. She is always alert and clean when we see her. She is happy and no longer agitated. She is loved and well cared for by these amazing people who specialize in memory care. I don't worry, I don't fret because I know she is in the best possible place with the most patient and loving caregivers. Their attention to detail and partnering in her care makes my sister and I know this is the best and ONLY place for her. If you are in the same situation, or simply needing more help with your mother, I hope you will consider Golden Creek. The professionalism, care, knowledge, and attention they give to your loved one is unsurpassed. I place my trust in them and you should too!"

Lori S.

Note: Lori updated her review using Google Business recently. Quick note. Her mother has lost 90 pounds over two years very safely. She is no longer diabetic. You can read Lori's updated review here:



"After caring for our mom for around 5 years my sister and I realized we needed to get help and try to get some normalcy back in our lives. We placed our mom in several different facilities that did not meet our expectations.  Worse, they always used medications to sedate her which decreased her physicality and mobility as well as her cognitive abilities. This was very frustrating and depressing. Thankfully, a friend told us about a residential group home (Golden Creek) that provides incredible care for women with dementia. The excellent care my mom now gets on a daily basis is above anything we could possibly have hoped or prayed for her.  We now enjoy peace of mind, quality of life, and know that our mom is cared for and loved on a daily basis. We love how they decorate for the holidays and different seasons.  Mom loves the home-cooked meals and the cheerful interaction by the staff. Golden Creek has exceeded my expectations in every way. If you want to know that your parent or loved one is well taken care of on the inside and outside then Golden Creek is the perfect place for you!"

Lisa H.

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