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Mother and daughter sitting together posing for a picture at a residential assisted living facility.

Welcome to Our Caring Community: Where Safety Meets Kindness in a Cozy Home Setting

At the heart of our care philosophy lies the promise of safety, compassion, and professional attentiveness, all wrapped in the warmth of a homely environment. Here, your loved one isn't just a resident; they're part of a family that cherishes their well-being and dignity. 

Our intimate home setting is the backdrop to a life lived fully and joyfully, enriched with personalized on-site amenities like professional hair styling, comprehensive dental care, medical services, and more. We're not just about meeting the basic needs; we're about enhancing life's quality, ensuring that every day is lived to its fullest potential.

Join us, and let your loved one experience the true meaning of care in abundance.

You can finally sleep, take vacations, raise your family, work on your health, and enjoy life again knowing that your loved one is receiving care recognized by medical and industry professionals as best in class memory care. 
Registered Nurse specializing in geriatrics memory care
Full-Time Registered Nurse

Our Director of Care, Melissa Carter, RN/RNC is a registered nurse and dementia care expert. Melissa works with our residents, their medical team, and their families to develop dynamic care plans. She also coaches and mentors her care team. Ask our families what they think about our Director of Care.

100% Whole-Food Nutrition

All meals and snacks are 100% whole food, nutritionally dense, and HOME COOKED from scratch. Our residents sleep better, sundown less, and live happier lives thanks to our healthy and great-tasting nutrition.

Whole food nutrition

Take a video tour of Golden Creek
Note: This video is from 2020 during Covid.
People love this video because it captures the warmth of our facility.

"This home is beautiful, absolutely top-notch, and one of the best homes I have ever toured for sure. I enthusiastically recommend it for any family."

Tim Powell, Family & Community Liaison


These testimonials are from excerpts of much longer thank you emails and texts we have received over the years.  You can also find testimonials on our google business page:

“I have been a nurse for over 30 years, and I know good care when I see it.  When my mother needed close supervision to ensure her safety and manage her medical conditions, Golden Creek was the only place I trusted. There is no better care than GC in this entire world!!”

Susan W, Daughter & Registered Nurse 30 years

"We couldn't have asked for a better place for mom than Golden Creek. Melissa and her well-trained staff take excellent medical and personal care of the residents and treat them with love and respect. I so appreciated when Melissa advocated for my mom so she could receive the best possible medical treatments that she needed for her conditions. The atmosphere is warm and homey, and it's small so every resident gets constant individual care and attention. Before when mom was at a different facility, I worried that she wasn't getting the care she needed and I was right. I stopped worrying and had peace of mind while she was at Golden Creek. It was a great experience for my mom and our family."

Kayla M, Daughter

Can we help?

Let us guide you. As the insurance commercial says, "We know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two" while helping many families.

Give us a call. We're happy to help ;-)

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